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Updated January 7, 2024

The Birdcage Cincinnati is an LGBTQ+ friendly destination, located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.

Since The Birdcage's inception, it has been a beacon of pride and joy for the LGBTQ+ community in Cincinnati. As July 2023 rolled in, it was as if a rainbow had burst forth within the heart of Cincinnati, for The Birdcage had undergone a flamboyant transformation into an even hotter and hipper space! Are you ready to step into a world where glitter and glamour reign supreme? Let's take a dazzling tour through the fabulous realms of The Birdcage, where vibrant inclusivity meets irresistible charm.

Prepare to be captivated from the moment you cross its threshold. The new and improved Birdcage welcomes patrons with a modern interior, the likes of which are destined to raise the bar – literally! The open layout tempts you to explore its various nooks and crannies, all designed with meticulous attention to detail. Multiple seating areas beckon you to rest your dancing feet, while a spacious dance floor stands as a testament to the wild and wonderful nights that await. And let's not forget the stage that practically demands the spotlight – a stage that will soon be graced by the electrifying performances that define The Birdcage experience upstairs.

Of course, what's a majestic venue without its equally captivating staff? The Birdcage's team of friendly and attentive individuals are the life of the party, ensuring that every guest is treated to top-notch customer service. Welcoming smiles and infectious enthusiasm are their trademarks, making you feel like you're not just a guest, but an honorary member of the LGBTQ+ family. As you sip on expertly crafted cocktails that could give a unicorn's mane a run for its money, you'll find yourself charmed by the warm embrace of The Birdcage community.

Speaking of libations, the bar's offerings are fabulous and from their signature cocktails that pack a flavorful punch to a meticulously curated selection of beers and beverages, The Birdcage caters to every palate. With a rotating array of seasonal and local favorites, it's no wonder that the bar has become a mecca for connoisseurs of the libations arts. Sip, savor, and socialize or dance!

But wait, there's more – because The Birdcage isn't just a nightspot; it's a destination for some real fun events that light up the LGBTQ+ travel scene. Drag shows that rival the glamour of Hollywood with the Rupaul Queens (usually during weekends), karaoke nights where every note is a triumph of self-expression, and theme parties that transport to your happy place. The Birdcage is more than a venue; it's a stage for local talents to shine and a canvas for the community to come together in celebration. Whether you're gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, or an ally embracing the dazzling diversity of life, The Birdcage offers an all-encompassing experience that leaves you breathless and craving for more.

If you find yourself in the heart of Cincinnati, make The Birdcage your compass point. Embrace the magic of its upgraded splendor, dance to the rhythms of acceptance and love, and join the party that's redefining LGBTQ+ nightlife. The Birdcage – where everyone's welcome and fabulousness knows no bounds.

The Birdcage beckons you in Cincinnati, and the night is yours to own. Let the good times roll, and remember: in The Birdcage, we're all part of the same spectacular show!


412 Central Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202
United States

Local number
513 381 0563
Dialing from abroad
+1 513 381 0563


  • 21+
  • Asexual
  • Bisexual
  • Drag
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Queer
  • Trendy


  • Dance
  • EDM
  • Hip Hop
  • Lounge
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Top 40

Dates & Hours

July 14
3 pm - 12 am
July 15
July 16
July 17
July 18
5 pm - 12 am
July 19
5 pm - 2:30 am
July 20
5 pm - 2:30 am
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A lesbian, gay, queer, and transgender crowd at a gay club dancing the night way after finding the club on Rainbow Index