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Updated June 12, 2024

June 21 - 29, 2024

Pride weekend Oslo is Norway's grandest extravaganza of all things fabulous, fierce, and fantastically LGBTQ+ inclusive!

Bursting with rainbow-colored joy, this spectacular celebration of queer love and diversity takes center stage in the heart of Oslo, where equality and human dignity reign supreme.

Event Details

Prepare to be swept off your feet as Oslo Pride unfurls its vibrant tapestry of events of a glorious fiesta. With Pride House, Pride Park, Mini Pride, and the pièce de résistance, the amazing Pride Parade, there's an abundance of activities that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Behind the scenes, a squad of approximately 80 devoted year-round volunteers tirelessly work their magic to orchestrate this awe-inspiring showcase. Joined by an army of around 300 passionate festival volunteers during the festivities, they transform the city into a kaleidoscope of love, unity, and unabashed self-expression (we thank you!).

Pride House serves as the intellectual hub, where captivating discussions, enlightening panels, and thought-provoking workshops explore the myriad facets of LGBTQ+ life. Here, minds are opened, ideas are shared, and connections are forged, fostering an environment where knowledge blossoms like a pride flag in the summer breeze.

As the beating heart of the festival, Pride Park radiates pure joy. Immerse yourself in a vibrant carnival atmosphere, where music, laughter, and dance reverberate through the air. Embrace the contagious energy as you sway to the rhythm of diverse performances, relish scrumptious street food, and revel in the company of fellow revelers who celebrate their authentic selves.

Mini Pride, a pint-sized version of the festivities, welcomes families and young ones with open arms. This lively oasis offers a playful escape, where pint-sized revolutionaries can learn, play, and explore in a safe and accepting environment. Face painting, arts and crafts, and magical storytelling sessions abound, making sure no one is too young to experience the enchantment of Oslo Pride.

And then, the crown jewel of the celebration, the Pride Parade. Picture a dazzling procession of resplendent floats, adorned with eye-catching decorations and exuding an electric atmosphere. A sea of exuberant marchers floods the streets, waving flags high and donning extravagant outfits that would make even the most fabulous peacock blush. This extraordinary showcase of love and solidarity transforms Oslo's avenues into a vibrant river of color, shimmering with pride.

At Oslo Pride, there's one golden rule: be yourself, unapologetically and proudly. It's a sanctuary where every shade of the rainbow can shine brightly, casting away the shadows of discrimination and embracing the beauty of diversity.

So, gather your friends, don your most extravagant attire, and embark on a journey to Pride weekend Oslo. Get ready to be enchanted, inspired, and embraced by the warm embrace of acceptance. Because in this magical realm, love knows no boundaries, and everyone is free to be exactly who they are.



Local number
986 625 860
Dialing from abroad
+47 986 625 860


  • Asexual
  • Bears
  • Bisexual
  • Drag
  • Gay
  • Intersex
  • Leather
  • Lesbian
  • Queer
  • Transgender


  • Dance
  • DJ
  • EDM
  • House
  • Top 40
  • Traditional

Dates & Hours

June 21 - 29, 2024

June 23
June 24
June 25
June 26
June 27
June 28
June 29
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