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Updated July 6, 2024

October 26 - 27, 2024

Join the Pride weekend Osaka festivities and celebrate with over 20,000 fellow Pride goers at Osaka's Kansai Rainbow Festa 2024!

Kansai Rainbow Pride, the annual LGBTQ+ pride event in Osaka, Japan, is an exuberant celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance. This highly anticipated event, held during the vibrant month of October, has become one of the largest and most significant pride events in the Kansai region. Organized by passionate promoters and event organizers, Pride weekend Osaka shines a colorful spotlight on the LGBTQ+ community and their rights, while providing a platform for education, engagement, and celebration.

Kansai Rainbow Pride 2024 Details

At the heart of Kansai Rainbow Pride is the lively and spirited parade that winds its way through the streets of Osaka. Participants, bedecked in vibrant costumes and brandishing rainbow flags, create a kaleidoscope of colors as they march joyously. The streets come alive with music, dance, and captivating performances, enveloping onlookers in an atmosphere of unity and merriment. People from all walks of life gather to cheer on the parade, demonstrating their unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community.

The pride festival, a focal point of Kansai Rainbow Pride, unfolds in a nearby park or public space, providing a dynamic hub for various events and activities. Vendors eagerly set up stalls offering delectable food, refreshing drinks, and an array of LGBTQ+-themed merchandise. Additionally, a stage takes center stage, hosting live performances, empowering speeches, and thought-provoking panel discussions. These captivating presentations cover a wide range of topics, including LGBTQ+ rights, history, and culture, stimulating dialogue and fostering a deeper understanding of the community's challenges and triumphs.

Why Pride is Important

Kansai Rainbow Pride is not only a celebration; it serves as an important platform for education and engagement. By nurturing connections within the LGBTQ+ community and forging alliances with allies and supporters from diverse backgrounds, this event propels conversations about diversity, inclusion, and acceptance forward. Through its various activities, Kansai Rainbow Pride encourages individuals to embrace their authentic selves, fostering a society that cherishes equality and celebrates the rich tapestry of human identity.

This unique event caters to a diverse audience encompassing LGBTQ+ individuals, allies, and those interested in promoting LGBTQ+ rights. It serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that love knows no boundaries and that everyone deserves the freedom to express their true selves. Whether you identify as LGBTQ+, are an ally, or simply curious about the vibrant LGBTQ+ community, Kansai Rainbow Pride welcomes you to join this extraordinary celebration in Osaka, Japan.

Pack your bags, gather your friends, and head to Osaka for the unforgettable Kansai Rainbow Pride event. Immerse yourself in the joyous parade, indulge in delicious treats, engage in enlightening discussions, and contribute to the wave of positive change. Let your support and enthusiasm shine alongside the LGBTQ+ community as you partake in this landmark celebration. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to join Kansai Rainbow Pride and embrace the spirit of love, acceptance, and diversity in the beautiful city of Osaka.

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Bull, Pokapokaya, The Hearth, Dungaree, Yuntaku, and do with cafe.

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Nude Japan and Kansai Queer Film Festival.


Ōgimachi Park
Osaka, 530-0025


  • Asexual
  • Bears
  • Bisexual
  • Drag
  • Gay
  • Intersex
  • Lesbian
  • Queer
  • Transgender


  • Dance
  • House
  • Live
  • Pop
  • Techno
  • Top 40
  • Traditional

Dates & Hours

October 26 - 27, 2024

October 26
October 27
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