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Updated July 11, 2024

July 26 - 28, 2024

Hotter Than July is the USA's second oldest Black LGBTQ+ Pride, and is ready to celebrate during Pride weekend 2024!

Hotter Than July 2024 Details

"Hotter Than July" is Detroit's sizzling tribute to LGBTQ+ pride, where the rainbow flags fly as high as the Motor City's aspirations. In this extraordinary celebration, every color in the rainbow spectrum gets its chance to shine, reflecting the diverse and vibrant spirit of the Black LGBTQ+ community.

Detroit, a city renowned for its resilience and soul, hosts "Hotter Than July" - an event that epitomizes these very traits. This annual extravaganza isn't just a party; it's a jubilant expression of identity, equality, and unity.

A week-long LGBTQ+ festival with events including workshops, picnics and local talent shows, held annually since 1996 in Detroit, Michigan, which ends with a large festival on the final weekend. The Detroit Black Pride Society and KICK partner to produce Hotter Than July. Crowds vary depending on the event but it is always an inclusive space where all are welcome. The Hotter Than July calendar is always jam-packed with exciting events in Detroit, so check their website or Facebook for a full listing of events.


One of the highlights for The Hotter Than July is the Testing Zone, which is a crucial component of the Black LGBTQ+ Pride event, prioritizing the health and safety of all attendees. The designated area provides convenient access to HIV/AIDS testing and other health-related services for those that are wanting to stay up on their sexual health. If you are questioning your stats or just want a check-up this is a great opportunity!

This event is free and open to the public and welcomes everyone. Community partners will be providing the free HIV and STI testing, as well as information on sexual health and wellness. Stay safe and have a blast celebrating you and yours in Detroit!

Whether you come for the voguing, late night parties, community or if it is your first Pride event, bring your spirit, and join us in Detroit for "Hotter Than July."

Detroit Gay & Queer Bars

If you are looking for local LGBTQ+ bars in town while experiencing Hotter Than July, look no further we have you covered! Adam's Apple is one of the best rated Detroit gay bars that is very inclusive to all and features themed events. HALO Bar & Lounge is Detroit's gay leather and bear bar with daily drink specials. Gigi's is a queer spot that is known for their drag shows. If you need an after-hours spot, Escape Lounge is the place to check out after other spots close in Detroit.

Bisexual & Gay Saunas in Detroit

There is currently only one gay bathhouse in Detroit called Body Zone.


Palmer Park
Detroit, Michigan, 48203
United States

Local number
313 397 2127
Dialing from abroad
+1 313 397 2127


  • Asexual
  • Bears
  • Bisexual
  • Drag
  • Gay
  • Intersex
  • Lesbian
  • Queer
  • Transgender


  • Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • House
  • Indie
  • Live
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Techno
  • Top 40

Dates & Hours

July 26 - 28, 2024

July 26
July 27
July 28
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