Sitges is a standout—with emphasis on that “out” part!—among Europe’s top LGBTQ+ vacation destinations, thanks to its coastal location in Spain’s gorgeous Catalonia region.

This beachside town is a stunner, and it’s only about 22 miles (35 kilometers) southwest of Barcelona, a distance easily covered by bus or rail. For a tourist destination dubbed “the Gay Riviera,” Sitges isn’t packed only with swanky hotels or resorts. Go upscale or go local: Sitges is full of guesthouses and apartments, many of which are LGBTQ+ owned or LGBTQ+ friendly. Use an online vacation rental service to find a place, or take a stroll around Plaça de Indústria (Industry Square), Carrer de Joan Tarrida (Joan Tarrida Street), and Carrer Bonaire (Bonaire Street), where you’ll find places to rest and play. These streets in Sitges are lined with community bars and clubs, where you can be as raunchy or relaxed as you want. Enjoy the nightlife’s seaside views and dancing, but test the waters yourself! You’ll find pool parties and beach parties in Sitges, and the town’s foam parties, where the dancefloors are drenched with foam, are extra special for wet and wild fun. 

You, no doubt, will want to spend a day at the beach in Sitges, and none of the town’s 17 beaches will disappoint! Platja (Playa) de la Bassa Rodona beach, part of Platja de la Ribera beach, is in the middle of Sitges, with buff men strolling its sandy shores and splashing in its refreshing waters. Platja dels Balmins east of the town (and its church, goodness!) and Platja de l'Home Mort (Playa del Muerto) further west are popular community-friendly nude beaches. Just bring a towel for the beachside bars, of course! Expect diverse, if sizable, crowds during the summer months.

The off-season in Sitges is a bit of a misnomer. Carnestoltes (Carnival), kicking off on Dijous Gras (Fat Thursday) in February, is a week of pageantry and debauchery ahead of Lent. Community-oriented events, including themed bar nights and parades, ring in Carnestoltes. Sitges keeps a full and fabulous social calendar: Pride in June is renowned in Spain and Europe for its raucous water-side celebrations, and Bears Week in September draws an international crowd. The party atmosphere might leave you feeling fuzzy! The Sitges Film Festival in early October gets two thumbs up from horror movie buffs. However you get your thrills, you’ll get them in Sitges, so indulge in the town’s relaxing (and romping!) atmosphere!

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A lesbian, gay, queer, and transgender crowd at a gay club dancing the night way after finding the club on Rainbow Index