In a continent not known for its queer-friendliness, South Africa is the most accepting country—and its capital city of Johannesburg cements that reputation once and for all.

Queer nightlife is bigger than ever here, particularly in the Greenside and Melville areas (and for the most part, gay and straight mix and mingle seamlessly throughout the city). Safety-wise, check-in with locals for a heads up on what to avoid—as the seat of South Africa’s wealth, Joburg has serious income inequality issues and some areas contend with lots of street crime.

When you’re ready to venture out by day, you’ll find plenty to do. Nature lovers can enjoy the world’s largest manmade forest, play with lion cubs at the Lion Park, take a thrill ride at Gold Reef City or even head out from the city for an African safari. You’ll also find great street shopping and food in nearly every corner of the city.

Finally, if you really want to really see the city’s vibrant LGBTQ+ community on display, visit for Johannesburg Pride.

Diverse, intoxicating, sultry...everyone walks away from Johannesburg with a different take. But we can promise this: post-visit, you’re sure to leave with lasting impressions of a city you won’t forget.

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