Guadalajara doesn’t always get a lot of travel love compared to other Mexican hotspots, but for the LGBTQ+ community, it has some of the best gay bars and queer offerings!

Guadalajara is a city where the margaritas are as colorful as its streets and the spirit of fiesta dances in the air. Affectionately known as the 'Pearl of the West,' this isn't just another dot on the map; it's a vibrant, heart-stealing fiesta of culture, cuisine, charisma, and some of the best Guadalajara gay bars.

Let's start with the culture – oh, the culture! Guadalajara is the birthplace of mariachi, so prepare to have your heartstrings plucked by serenading musicians on cobblestone streets. Wander through historic neighborhoods, where colonial architecture gives you a 'love at first sight' experience, and contemporary art galleries flirt with your modern sensibilities. And don't forget the delicious tequila tastings, after all, you're in Jalisco, the heartland of Mexico's most famous export.

The city has one of the country’s biggest gay scenes. To get in on it, hit up the area surrounding the Avenida Prisciliano Sanchez where you’ll find over a dozen gay bars and clubs within walking distance of each other. Nearby Zona Rosa gives you even more LGBTQ+ community-friendly options, just be prepared for the party to go on until dawn at the best gay bars in Guadalajara. Whether you're a low-key lounge lizard or a high-energy disco diva, there's a spot with your name glittering on it. And the best part? You're always welcomed with open arms and maybe a cheeky margarita. And if you are in town for Guadalajara Pride, they gay parties and events are fantastico!

When it’s time to sightsee, the city’s got every kind of tourist covered, from the architecture buff (Guadalajara Cathedral is a must) to the theater kid (don’t miss the Teatro Degollado) to the history buff (actually, pretty much anyone will love the Hospicio Cabana, a UNESCO World Heritage site). And nature lovers, make a stop to Bosque Los Colomos (Colomos Forest).

Pack that suitcase, bring your most colorful outfits (and don't forget comfortable shoes for dancing), and let Guadalajara show you just how fabulous life can be. Here, every day is a parade, every night a celebration, with some of the best queer bars and every visitor a friend. ¡Vamos a Guadalajara!

Guadalajara might initially beckon with the sun and tequila. But once you get here, we have a feeling the city’s beauty, culture, and vibrancy will keep you coming back for more to Guadalajara, Mexico.

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A lesbian, gay, queer, and transgender crowd at a gay club dancing the night way after finding the club on Rainbow Index

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A lesbian, gay, queer, and transgender crowd at a gay club dancing the night way after finding the club on Rainbow Index