The City of Sails is New Zealand's largest metropolis on the island, boasting a vibrant queer scene at the best Auckland gay bars.

Earning its nickname with over 70,000 boats at port—Auckland is home to more sea vessels per capita than any other city in the world! But, if cruising the LGBTQ+ scene is more your speed, the highest concentration of queer establishments can be found in the city’s Central Business District (CBD), right around Karangahape Road (locally referred to as K Road) and Ponsonby Road. This is where you will find the best gay clubs in Auckland!

By international standards, the queer scene here is pretty relaxed, with a majority of the venues being a mixture of people rather than expressly LGBTQ+. However, you will generally find Auckland-dwelling Kiwis (a nickname for New Zealanders - make sure it's with a capital) to be quite accepting and friendly.

And Auckland’s LGBTQ+ calendar is buzzing all year round. The Auckland Pride Festival is a riot of fabulous color, culture, and community, while the Big Gay Out is the picnic you always dreamed of – if your dreams involve fabulous music, drag queens, and thousands of your new best friends.

If you stay in the city center, most major attractions will be within walking distance, including the Auckland Museum, highlighting the native Māori population and wider Polynesian culture. As well as, the New Zealand Maritime Museum, the Auckland Art Gallery, and of course, Sky Tower — the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere.

Adrenaline junkies, Auckland has you covered. You can leap off the Sky Tower (with a harness, of course), kayak to a volcanic island, or simply hike up Mount Eden for a panoramic selfie spot. And for those who prefer their adventures at a slower pace, the city's numerous galleries and museums offer cultural escapades that are just as thrilling.

Wanna get out and about? Just a short drive from the city, you'll find vineyards, thermal springs, and forest trails. Waiheke Island, with its wineries and art studios, is a slice of bohemian paradise, while the black sand beaches of the West Coast are perfect for reflective, romantic walks.

If you’re in New Zealand (or just really love boats), Auckland is worth a stop, as there’s fun to be had if you know where to look—or tap that local knowledge and visit all the best gay bars in Auckland, because Kiwi's are happy to show off their fabulous home to visitors. Enjoy the sun, the fun and all that the island has to offer.

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A lesbian, gay, queer, and transgender crowd at a gay club dancing the night way after finding the club on Rainbow Index

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A lesbian, gay, queer, and transgender crowd at a gay club dancing the night way after finding the club on Rainbow Index