Rainbow Index is about more than a gay travel site.

We’re a global guide for LGBTQ+ travel, helping you explore destinations around the world with the help of our real-time rating system. That way you don’t have to spend all your time searching for ways to have the time of your life.


Use our Index to plan your next memory-making experience. Just look up a city, event, venue, virtual, or live to get started!

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Get out there! Visit or attend the listings you discovered. Go out and see something new or old. Local or exotic. Curate your trip to your interests.

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Tell us about it

Come back post-travels and add your own rating-let us know what your experience was like and you'll help future LGBTQ+ travelers on their journey.

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Various LGBTQ+ and gay travelers experiencing different scenes and cities such as clubs, bars, festivals, pride and nature

Over 125 cities and counting!

We’re going beyond the usual gay travel articles—we’re here to help you discover the most up-to-date LGBTQ+ events, nightlife, destinations, festivals, parties, clubs, cruises and more that match your spirit of adventure. Our real-time ranking system will keep you in the know, so even if you’re setting off alone, you’ll have trusted guidance at your side.


We’re part of the community.

We have been around the world searching for hot spots just like you—so we get the perks and pitfalls of traveling while LGBTQ+. That’s why we wanted to raise the bar when it comes to gay travel planning. We know an inclusive space means more than a flying a rainbow flag outside (though that does help).

We’ve been there. We’ve got experience.

What we bring to the table that’s a bit different than some gay travel sites, is that we have really been in your amazing shoes stomping around these cities, venues, and events. Our recommendations are LGBTQ+ friendly, so you don’t have to deal with ordering your cocktail with a side of judgment.

We’re big fans of inclusivity.

While “gay travel” might act like an umbrella term to some, we know that there are so many unique identities and experiences that make our beautiful LGBTQ+ community. Our goal is to represent all people under our rainbow, because everyone deserves to feel acceptance and love wherever they go.

A one-of-a- kind rating system

Admit it. You love to judge (places, of course, not people). We’re pretty proud of our rainbow color-coded system, because it’s what sets us apart from other gay travel sites. Our scale lets you see what’s hot and what will leave you cold, plus see what your fellow LGBTQ+ travelers really think of a city, venue, festival, or event.

As hot as it gets. Don't miss out.
Toasty warm and well worth the visit.
Heating up, with room for improvement.
Starting to cool off.
Any one else getting seriously chilly?
Completely leaves us cold.
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An easy way to rate.

Have your own gay travel influencer moment. After you hit up a new city, venue or event, let our community know what you thought by adding your own rating with our handy Rainbow Meter. So, if you’ve got lots of opinions or just want to let us know you had a great time, we want to hear about it.

Your reviews will help future LGBTQ+ travelers know what’s a must-see spot wherever you’ve been. Or, let us know if we need to update our info, sometimes places close or events change - we like to stay informed. It’s a great way to support the community while you see the world.

Take the Rainbow Meter for a spin!

Check out how we rank our listings. Slide the rating meter and show us how you really feel.

Your ratings help us highlight stand-out places and experiences and let fellow LGBTQ+ travelers find the right vibe for them.

As hot as it gets.
Don't miss out.
Toasty warm and well
worth the visit.
Heating up, with
room for improvement.
Starting to
cool off.
Any one else getting
seriously chilly?
Completely leaves
us cold.

Get a sneak peek at the roads less traveled.

So, how does this work anyway?

Call us overachievers, but we thought the world of gay travel research needed a little zhuzhing up. We’ve left no stone unturned - and no bar stool unsat in - to build you a comprehensive rating system to supplement all those gay travel “10 best” lists you’ve been reading.

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We’re using tech for good. We use social media data, user ratings, and Rainbow Index staff history to deliver a score.

Listing Ratings

As our global network members travel the world and submit their ratings, we’ll keep all scores updated in real-time, so you’ll have the latest takes.

Color-coded results

Our Rainbow Meter makes researching easy and scannable. No more wading five pages deep in gay travel Google searches.

Works for anything

We host reviews of cities, events, venues, parties, experiences, etc. so you can get the full picture before you even pack your bags.

Find your Pride now

Discover Pride events near and far with Pride Now. Never miss a march, parade, party, drag show or concert, even when you’re halfway across the globe. Our team does their research to make sure we find events that cater to every part of our community’s gorgeous LGBTQ+ rainbow.

A lesbian, gay, queer, and transgender crowd at a gay club dancing the night way after finding the club on Rainbow Index

Ready. Set. Explore!

See how the global index works to give you the best results. Don’t bother sifting through pages of gay travel articles or listicles - we’ve got everything the LGBTQ+ traveler could need to feel safe, informed and ready to party (or relax). Where you go and what you do is all up to you - but we can help.


Whether you’re going somewhere you’ve never been or just want to learn more about your own city, we’ll help you find your next adventure.


Bring your crew, meet new friends and share experiences with like-minded LGBTQ+ folx. For Pride & beyond.


Looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly haunt in your home town or abroad? Let’s find your next hot spot.

Add a listing!

We’re all in this together, so if you have the scoop on a city, event or venue that’s not in our system yet, we’d love to hear about it! Just tell us a bit about it and your experience and we’ll add it to our listings for future travelers to learn about.

Getting you involved is one way we can got beyond the standard gay travel sites by being collaborative and inclusive.

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Various LGBTQ+ and gay travelers experiencing different scenes and cities such as clubs, bars, festivals, pride and nature